Friday, October 29, 2010

My week including my new found go to site(s) CSN

Hi followers! Hope you are all having a fantaastic week leading up to Halloween weekend. I know we are here in Illinois even though it has gotten significantly cooler, I found my teeth chattering driving to work this morning even though 2 days ago it was in the high 60's...how crazy! I hope the weather is treating everyone else a little better lol.

We have been so busy this week between work for my husband, reviews and giveaways for me not to mention work and all the shopping that needed to be done as well as the launching of my new online boutique Cutie Bowtootie on facebook. The kids seem to be more restless now that the weather has turned cold and windy and we can't go to the park as much but we were able to take them trick or treating at our local Retirment/Assisted living home today which is always a treat!

I would love to hear about your Halloween weeks and what your kiddo's are going to be this year and in return I would love for you all to check out this great new CSN stores site , if you haven't hear of them they have over 200 sites with EVERYTHING imaginable I still haven't had time to look at everything but believe me I will eventually. The stuff they have is so beautiful and some very unique. Start by checking out their barstools and go from there I'm sure everyone can find something they like and need on one of these great sites!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

GoGreen Cloth diapers review and.....GIVEAWAY!

So for some of you that have been reading my blog you know that we recently changed over to cloth diapering and have mainly been using flip diapers made by Cottonbabies and I thought they were pretty darn good UNTIL I found GoGreen cloth diapers. Oh my goodness they don't even compare. From price to prints and everything in between GoGreen tops my list, they are my new go to diaper! I received 1 GoGreen diaper for review and before the day was even over I purchased 4 more, I'm telling you ladies (and cd'ing daddies too) this diaper is the way to go, let me tell you why.

First off is the cost factor, we all want a quality diaper but lets face it most likely part of the reason some of you are cd'ing is to save money and how do you expect to save money when you are spending $20-$30 on 1 diaper not to mention the shipping, extra diapers, extra inserts and the added laundry when that $30 diaper leaks all over. Well with GoGreen you don't have to worry about your pocket book becoming empty, you can get each diaper for only $8.99 for silky prints or $9.99 for fuzzy (which are so cute!) or buy in sets to save even more! Each diaper comes with 1 insert and they have $5 flat rate shipping so even when you're buying in bulk you don't waste half of what you could be spending on more diapers on shipping.  Not to mention they have a 15 day wash and wear policy so if you truly aren't happy (which I don't think is possible) you can return them for your money back.

Second they are SUPER absorbent and I swear virtually leak proof (I know every baby is different so don't hold me to it) Let me tell you my daughter has leaked through EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for probably the last 2 months no matter what diaper we had on her. 'sposies, flips, gdiapers but not the night I had on her Moo! print GoGreen. She stayed dry all night long not even a dampness to the diaper. These will be my nighttime diaper (and daytime too) until my daughter is potty trained. I did do 1 extra insert overtop of the pocket but honestly I don't think its needed unless you A. have a very heavy wetter or B. want to reuse the shell during the day as the extra insert keeps it dry. Of course this does make it a bit bulkier but I had no problem fitting her into her normal clothes or any other problems and the padded fuzzy bum looked adorable!

What else do I like about these diapers? I could go on and on but my FAVORITE feature is that they are a OS so not only can my 16lbs 7 month old wear them so can her almost 3 year old 32lb big brother on those stubborn days when he doesn't want to use the potty. I had no problem adjusting these and the snaps seemed very durable, they adjust very well for a wide range of heights and weights.

I also love love love! all these cute prints, check it out...

These diapers just have everything you could want in a cloth diaper
and I'm so glad I found them. This diaper will be front and
center of my stash from now on.

Want one for your own stash? Go to http://www.gogreenpocketdiapers.com/  to purchase one
(or more!) or enter my giveaway below, graciously sponsored by GoGreen!

Win It:

One of my lucky readers will win a GoGreen Pocket Diaper of their choice. This giveaway will close at 10pm CST on Nov. 10th. Open to US Residents! All winners are chosen by Random.org and will be notified by email, as well as posted on my blog. Please include your e-mail in EVERY post. The winner will have 24 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.

You must be a PUBLIC follower of my blog for any of your entries to count. If you are not publicly following me I will delete your posts. Please play fair!

(all are 1 entry unless otherwise noted)

Visit GoGreen Pocket Diapers and tell me which print you like best.

Like GoGreen Pocket Diapers on Facebook and thank them for the giveaway on 
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Post this Giveaway on Facebook and leave me a link.
Visit DIary of Momma  follow her publicly and leave a comment saying I sent you! 

Thank you GoGreen Pocket Diapers!

**I was provided the above product for sole purpose of conducting this review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed and written are mine and mine alone based on my personal experience with this product.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wednesday hop!

Hey everyone theres a hop going on! Please click the linky button follow her page and read her rules then get hopping!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flip diaper review

How many of you mommies have heard of Flip diapers before? My guess is not too many, since I constantly have people asking me what the heck they are, well guess no longer! I am here to tell you all about them and how wonderful they are!
Flip diapers are a product of Cotton Babies who also makes Bumgenius ( a product you probably have heard of) and Econobums (very very cost efficient cloth diapers). Flip is a OS cover with 3 inserts to match your preferances and needs.
The Flip system can be used with an Organic insert, a stay-dry insert or a disposable insert so it makes it great for at home or on the go. Flip comes in several different colors including shades of green, orange, yellow, pink and blue and can be bought singly or in packs. Pictured below is 1 of their covers in Grasshopper green, 1 pack of disposable inserts, 1 disposable insert laid out, one stay-dry insert laid out and a stack of extra inserts:

The greatest feature in my opinion is that these can fit newborn to potty trained! I was a little sceptical at first about them fitting my almost 3 year old who weighs in at 33lbs so even though he is mainly in pull ups or underwear I tried it on him and they fit fine! They fit my 6 month old too! My son is on the largest snap down setting but waist wise he still has a good 3-4 inches to grow in them! My daughter is on the smallest snap down setting and the second waist setting so she too has a long way to go before outgrowing them and I sure hope she is potty trained by then!
Going from 'sposies to cloth was a little intimidating but theres not goofing around with these diapers, they are so easy to use and I haven't had any trouble getting the baby changed quickly, I even took them on a trip with us yesterday and had no problems whatsoever! You just tuck the insert and go:
I've been using these for 3 days now and have only had 1 leak and I'm pretty sure (as much as I hate to admit it) that it was my fault for not changing her soon enough. Typically we change every 2-3 hours and this has not changed with the switch to cloth, these will hold a lot of fluid! I tried out one disposable liner when we first got them to see if those would pass the test too and they did! 
So these certainly pass my mommy test. They are versatile, well made, practical, cheaper than other cloth that I've seen and super super cute!

( I was not compensated in ANY way for this review, the opinions expressed are solely my own and not influenced by anyone else)

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Tag you're it!

I was tagged in a neat little "game" by Diary of Momma (check her out, she's got awesome reviews and giveaways)

Anyway...I have to answer the 8 questions she came up with, pick 8 of my own, and then tag 8 bloggers to participate. So here we go!

1. What state are your from?
 I am from Illinois,  always have been and most likely always will be. It's where my family is and unless my family picks up and moves I can't see being far away.

2. What's your favorite part of being a mom? (can we really just pick one?)
I honestly can't pick, I love it all. From the snuggles to the tantrums they hold my heart.

3. What's your favorite non-computer related downtime?
Going for a walk with the hubby and kids when the weather is beautiful out!

4. What is your biggest blog pet peeve?
When people bash others. It's one thing to say something isn't your thing or you didn't like something but please do so respectfully, I've seen far too much disrespect and hurtfulness from people lately.

5. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
I love being able to share insight with others through personal experiance, reviews, recommendations. Its so much fun to share with people. The power of knowledge and friendship is amazing.

6. What is your dream job?
Pretty much what I'm doing now only on a busier level. Being a mom, owning my own cake business and owning my own boutique is amazing and a blessing beyond belief.

7. What kind of car do you drive?
Chrysler Pacifica and I love it!

8.What's your favorite TV show this season?
Gonna have to go with Glee.
Though I did like NICU too but it brought back so many memories of my son and daughter being there that sometimes it was just too much to watch.

Tagged Blogger -
*Shibley Smiles
*Diary of Momma
*Dirty Diaper Laundry
*Haute Mom
*Positive Kismet
*Being Frugal and Making it Work
*Mommies Playground

Questions to answer:
1. How did you get into blogging?
2. If you have done a product review, which was your favorite. If you haven't, what would you like to review?
3. When is your birthday?
4. What is your favorite animal and why?
5. What is your favorite activity/craft/thing to do with your child/grandchildren/nieces/nephews ect?
6. Do you have multiple blogs or stick to one?
7. If you were to have a child or another child would you want a boy or girl and what would his/her name be?
8. How many hours on average do you spend on your blog or others blogs daily?

Rockin Green Cloth Diaper Detergent!

Looking for a detergent for your wee ones cloth diapers? Look no further, I have found an awesome detergent that works well, is very cost efficient and offers different scents and sizes!

It also comes 3 ways, soft rock, classic rock or hard rock. Upon first impression I thought this meant the amount of washing power. For example hard rock for super messy diapers but nope! It actually stands for what type of water you have in your home, soft water, hard water or just average. I couldn't believe that this company had actually customized different detergents for different water types, I think this is wonderful!

Another GREAT feature is the awesome scents that they come in. I bought 3 sample packs in these 3 scents:                                                                              Rage Against the Raspberries (raspberry scented)
               Bare Naked Babies (unscented)
               Smashing Watermelons (watermelon scented)

They are all wonderful! They also just came out with Mighty Mighty Marshmallow scent! I'm very exciting about this one and can't wait to try it. I also want to get one of their magnetic measuring scoops for doling out the detergent!

I've used this detergent along with a scoop of borax on all my cloth diapers and I haven't found a single stain and I never have soap residue left. This is definitely going to be my go-to detergent for all things cloth!
I am so glad that my local Express Yourself boutique carries this product (which is where I first heard of and bought it) I will DEFINITELY be going back for the BIG bag this time!

( I was not compensated in any way I purchased the product myself, the opinions in this review are solely my own )

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 1 of cloth diapering = Major success!

Well we did! We made it through the day in our new flip diapers. Best of all? Not a single leak. I was thrilled!
Baby Paesyn even had a dirty one and it stayed contained and was almost easier to change than a 'sposie.
I cannot wait to write my review on these, I'm so excited. I still want to try more brands and styles out but these were a good way to start!
Only problem is WE NEED MORE! I had to wash everything from today so that we will have enough for tomorrow, can't wait to build our stash. I have one that I purchased on the way and I'm planning a trip back to our local boutique for something, at least more inserts. I'm a little saddened that our local shop only carried cotton babies products (flip, bumgenius and Econobum) not that I don't love them I just need more variety!

Stay tuned for day #2 tomorrow hopefully followed by a review of Flip and Rock in Green cloth diaper detergent :)

Happy blogging!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My favorite pacifier in the whole wide world!

I don't know how many of you have seen or heard of these or even used them but these newer Gumdrop Pacifiers made by Soothie are the best darn paci ever! I found them through Lil' Tulips one day when I was pregnant with my daughter. I really like the design of them and they looked so durable and lightweight that I thought I'd give them a try.

Now if you've been reading my blog you know that my daughter was them born  premature, we spent some time in the NICU and during a portion of that time she was on a bubble c-pap maching that helped her oxygen levels and breathing. To keep her mouth semi closed (which is another technique for raising their oxygen level) the NICU staff cut a regular soothie pacifier in half so that she could use a paci but not have it interfere with the bubble c-pap. Now if we had just had our gumdrops with we wouldn't have had to deal with this ugly weird looking cut in half paci because the gumdrops are specially designed to fit in a baby's mouth without disturbing bubble c-paps, oxygen tubes, or anything else that a baby in the NICU or with medical conditions might need on their face.
They are simply wonderful and I think every hospital should use these as their standard pacifier.
Not only are they great for NICU and hospital use but they are made of a natural rubber material that is very durable, SOOO easy to clean and they are lightweight which makes it so much easier for the smaller babies to keep in their mouths. I don't know about you other mommas our there but one of the most frustrating things for me is having to CONSTANTLY re-put paci's in babies mouths, I want it to stay put!
These cute, wonderful little paci's come in orange, pink. purple and blue (I've also seen a green one but I think it might be a knock off since I can't find it on the site) you can also get them with a vanilla scent to them. Don't ask me why you need a scented paci but it does smell pretty (I got one by mistake lol) They will cost you around $1.75 each or if you order 7+ $1.50 each, which I think is pretty reasonable considering I have seen some other pacifiers in the store going for $4-$6 for a 2 pack.
If you haven't heard of them check them out and if you're looking for a new binky try one!

This is my daughter with the ugly, cut in half Soothie before the gumdrops came along!

And this is the happy bliss after Gumdrops were delivered to our doorstep!

( this review is based on a product that i purchased and is expressly my own opinion not influenced by others. I was not compensated in any way for this review)

This Momma's going cloth!

I'm so excited to say that I purchased 3 flip shells and 10 inserts today!
I'm also waiting on 1 gDiaper shell and need to go get some prefolds when I receive that.

When I was pregnant with my daughter I knew I wanted to go cloth, so I purchased $350 worth of Flip cloth diaper products but my daughter had another plan! She decided to be born early and was WAY to small for these diapers and since we were more than hard up for money at the time with my hubby traveling an hour and a half everyday from work to the NICU and back and we had to eat out every night, not to mention the doctor bills piling up I was forced to make the decision to return them and put the money towards something else since we had enough 'sposies to last us 3 months from our baby shower.
I was so sad to see them ship back to the warehouse and vowed that as soon as she looked big enough to fit in them I would buy them back, but alass there just never seemed to be enough money to replace those diapers!
Well we finally had some extra cash and our local boutique JUST got their shippment of bumgenius, flip and econobum diapers so I ran like mad over there and bought 1 stay dry day pack (2 shells and 6 inserts), 1 extra shell w/ insert, 3 bumgenius inserts and a pack of disposable inserts for the hubby (who isn't as settled on the idea of cloth as I am lol)
They are in the wash right now hopefully ready to go for tomorrow morning!

Review to follow after an actual use!

Weehuggers giveaway!

head on over to Moms milk boutique for a cloth diaper giveaway!

Monday, October 18, 2010

At one point in time I wanted twins....HA

Wow! What a busy, hectic day today. My best friend and I had our babies (now closing in on 7 months old) just 3 days apart. They were due more than a month apart but her baby decided to come late and mine too early. They were delivered at the same hospital by the same doctor too!

Anyway, my friend was in a pinch today so I agreed to watch little miss. Paislee  for several hours, mind you I have my own 7 month old and a 2 year old boy and this was all while my hubby was at work. It started off just fine with the babies playing on the floor but then they wanted the same toy and fought over it as if they were teens fighting over a cute boy! Then they both wanted to eat at the same time, both needed to be changed at the same time, both wanted to be held at the same time...and it goes on and on. In fact the only it seems the only thing they DIDN'T want to do at the same time was sleep! It got so crazy I the two of them blurred together, they were both getting called the wrong name, getting clothes/toys/diapers mixed up, I even fed the wrong baby at one point!!

I used to think twins would be cute, now I think they would be cute in the loving arms of someone that can handle that commotion. I really gotta hand it to you moms of multiples you guys must really have it together!

Heres a pic of the girls when they were much younger,the smaller one in the sleeper with the little snowflakes and hearts is my Paesyn.

Doopsy "SD" Cloth Diaper Giveaway!

Letting all you Momma's out there know that there is a big Doopsy "SD" giveaway going on right now through Novemeber 1st. head on over to dirtydiaperlaundry.com/doopsy-sd-cloth-diaper-giveaway to enter!
Great chance to win a product you already use and love or to win something new and different and give it a try!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Frills ~ Pretty. Fancy. Fun.

Frills ~ Pretty.Fancy.Fun. is a local bow making boutique in my town. It is run by Becki Burke who is a WONDERFUL maker of beautiful hairpieces. I purchased a flower clip and hat set for my daughter to match her Halloween costume (she is going to be a ladybug!) I found a beautiful flower on her website but it wasn't quite what I needed to match the costume. I sent Becki an e-mail, told her what I was looking for and set up a time to stop by that week. When I got to her gallery I was expecting to look at a couple things, decide what I wanted and then she would make it and I would have to pick it up later but NOPE she had things already made just for me to choose from! I was so excited that I would be able to walk out of there with exactly what I was looking for and it was GORGEOUS! We even got a little something extra :)
I really recommend her bows/hairpieces/hats. I have received bows from other people that fell apart or were of poor quality but Frills ~ Pretty. Fancy. Fun. 's bows are still going strong despite being chewed, drooled on and thrown my lovely 6 month old daughter! I can't wait to put her whole costume together and post the pictures. In the meantime I will post pictures of the hat and flower and of the other bow that Becki made.
If you like what you see head on over to the website link above or to her facebook page and check out her other work! Frills-Pretty-Fancy-Fun on facebook

The beautiful hat and flower set! I am in LOVE with this flower clip! I use it everytime she wears a red outfit, it is my absolute favorite!

Here is the other bow that we received! It worked so well with this outfit that I just HAD to take her for a quick photo shoot!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please check out Frills pages!
As always...Happy Blogging :)

Sugarbears Bowtique Photo Contest

Sugarbears is a cute little boutique that I have purchased several items from, they are all adorable and very inexpensive compared to other bow shops and boutiques. I would recommend that anyone with little girls check her out!

I am writing this partially because both of my children are entered in one of her photo contests and I would really appreciate it if you would head over to facebook and "like" Sugarbears Bowtique on facebook then go to the photo contest album and vote by "liking" the pictures of my kids. Isaac is wearing a woody costume and is the 38th photo. Paesyn has a black and white long sleeved onsie and a little pink bow and is photo #41. Thank guys!!

Head on over to Tutus Ect.

Hi everyone,
wanted to post this link to Tutus Ect. facebook page. She is trying to build up her fans and she has some really cute stuff along with some resale clothes. Please check her out and add her! Pass along her link to all your friends!

Tutus Ect on facebookTutus Ect. on facebook!

Happy Blogging :)

Another blog hop! (Follow me monday)

Here's another blog hop from one of my followers, thought I'd share it with you all.

Follow me monday blog hop

Go check out some new blogs and gain some new followers!

New Giveaway from me to you!

Hello! I hope this beautiful Sunday evening has been as relaxing and nice for all of you as it has been for me. The weather is simply gorgeous for this time of year! I wanted to let you all know about a new giveaway I will be doing.

I am brand new to blogging and trying to build followers and experience for my enjoyment and stress relief and am hoping to start doing product reviews when I get a little more comfortable with my blog and have more followers. To try and encourage you all to recommend me to friends and continue to read my blog I will start from now until Nov. 1st tracking my followers and on November first I will start a giveaway and the prize(s) will be determined by how many followers I have as of midnight Nov. 1st 2010

100 followers = a lovie. (for those of you that don't know what it is, they are "minature" blankets with ribbon tags along the edges to help stimulate baby and it makes an amazing travel blanky for kids that just like having something to hold onto) I can make them for a boy or a girl and will let you choose which design you like.

250 followers = 1st place - bottle cap bow or a Lovie
2nd place - mini lovie (a scaled down version of the regular lovies)

500 followers - 1st place - any bow or Lovie and mini- lovie matching set
2nd place - any bow or lovie
3rd place - mini lovie

1000 followers and up I will giveaway a Lovie and mini-lovie set to 5 people

When the time comes for the actual giveaway, after the number of followers has been determined, I will post rules for entering and pictures of items that will be given away.
So start sending people on over to my blog they MUST puplicly follow in order to be counted!!!
Remember that you set the prizes so send out the word!

Thank you and as always Happy Blogging :)

Any crafty mommas out there!? Big sales weekend!

Hey all you crafty mommies! I went out on a little shopping trip today to gather some supplies for my 2 businesses (Cake it to the Limit Cake Shop and Cootie Bowtootie) and boy are Micheals and JoAnn Fabrics on fire this week for sales!! Any one who uses fabrics for blankets, lovies, costumes or anything else should head on over to JoAnn Fabrics if you have one in your area. They have almost EVERY kind of fabric on sale. Fleece and flannels are all 60% off so a whole yard is under $2.50! All the other fabrics are between 30-50% off. They also inluded 2 50% of any regular priced item in their flyer this week!
Micheals has a 40% off coupon and all their yarn (for those knitting and crocheting mommies) is on sale!
They also have ribbon (for bow or lovies or any other craft) 2/$5 or 40% off holiday ribbon!

So head on over and check out your local craft stores, it seems to be a great day for sales!

And as always...Happy Blogging :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Moma to 4 blessings cloth diaper giveaway!

Here's another great giveaway for you guys! It is for the Bum Essentials Bambino A12 cloth diaper, ends tonight so hurry on over!

Mama to 4 blessings Bum Essentials giveaway

Sunday Blog Hop

Here is a great Sunday blog hop that a friend passed on to me

The Life of Rylie...and Bryce too! Blog hop

Go on and check it out, find some new blogs to follow and hopefully gather some more followers yourself!!!

Happy blogging!

BabyLegs giveaway on Diary of a Momma blogspot!

I just wanted to let everyone know of a great giveaway going on right now for a free BabyLegs gift basket for either a BOY or a GIRL on Diary of a Momma's blog.

Dairy of a Momma/BabyLegs giveaway

For those of you that don't know what BabyLegs are, they are the most wonderful little leg warmers for babies, toddlers, school aged children and even adults! They can be worn on the arms or legs and they also offer socks, tights, footless tights and Woobee blankets. They are a very generous company and I recommend all of their products to anyone with children. If you don't have any yet this is a great giveaway for you to enter and I promise that you will become addicted to the product if you win! Even if you don't win I encourage you to check out their website:


Good luck and happy blogging!

Hello and welcome!

Well here it is, my brand new blog! You will have to bear with me as I am new to this and still working out the kinks and getting used to everything, so I will start off with just an introduction of myself and what you can look forward to seeing in upcoming blog posts. Here goes!
My name is Chanda, I am a 21 year old mostly stay at home mother of 2. I say mostly SAHM because I do work for about an hour each morning at a Jazzercise facility running their daycare for the morning class (but I don't really count that) My two children are Isaac Nicholas who will be turning 3 on January 25th and Paesyn Kinsley Valentine who is currently 6 months and growing fast! I have been married to my high school sweatheart for 3 years now, we just celebrated our 3rd anniversary in September with a little weekend getaway to the Dells in Wisconsin.
I have a business called Cake it to the Limit which is a cake and pastry making business that I started with my cousin, we have all sorts of cakes from simple to one of a kind, over the top creations! Eventually I'll get some pictures or a link up so anyone interested can view them. I also recently started a "boutiqueish" business with my mom and best friend called Cutie Bowtootie making bows, lovies, tutus, bow holders, applique shirts ect.
I love writing and occasionally ranting so a blog is perfect for me! I am hoping to get into product reviews, recemendations, tips and pointers and hopefully giveaways too!
Please follow me and feel free to give feedback (good or bad) at any time!
Thanks again and welcome!