Monday, October 18, 2010

At one point in time I wanted twins....HA

Wow! What a busy, hectic day today. My best friend and I had our babies (now closing in on 7 months old) just 3 days apart. They were due more than a month apart but her baby decided to come late and mine too early. They were delivered at the same hospital by the same doctor too!

Anyway, my friend was in a pinch today so I agreed to watch little miss. Paislee  for several hours, mind you I have my own 7 month old and a 2 year old boy and this was all while my hubby was at work. It started off just fine with the babies playing on the floor but then they wanted the same toy and fought over it as if they were teens fighting over a cute boy! Then they both wanted to eat at the same time, both needed to be changed at the same time, both wanted to be held at the same time...and it goes on and on. In fact the only it seems the only thing they DIDN'T want to do at the same time was sleep! It got so crazy I the two of them blurred together, they were both getting called the wrong name, getting clothes/toys/diapers mixed up, I even fed the wrong baby at one point!!

I used to think twins would be cute, now I think they would be cute in the loving arms of someone that can handle that commotion. I really gotta hand it to you moms of multiples you guys must really have it together!

Heres a pic of the girls when they were much younger,the smaller one in the sleeper with the little snowflakes and hearts is my Paesyn.


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  4. I always wanted twins as well and then after I had my first daughter and found out one baby was so much work I couldn't believer that moms of multiples did so much either!

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  5. That picture is so sweet! I used to want twins too, LOL!

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  6. Bwahahahahahaah TWIN momma over here... count your blessings and bite your tongue woman.. lol.. Just kidding.. My gremlins are WONDERFUL.. Found ya through a blog hop.. Just swinging by... newest follower ... Happy Hopping.. !!


  7. I think if you have twins you figure it out. But I'm glad I didn't have twins. When my two girls were little it was a handful and it's not that much easier now that they're older - just different. Came to you through Tag Along Tuesday.

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  11. Hi! I don't have any kids but after babysitting my little brother when he was a baby(we're 14 years apart) I can't fathom taking care of twins!

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  13. haha this post made me laugh. I always wanted twins too until i babysat a little girl along with my little ones and decided noooo.

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  15. I always thought it would be fun to have twins. My brother got them instead. Surprise twins. I don't know how my sister-in-law did it she had 3 in diapers at the same time.

  16. Thanks for following! I have 4 girls of my own, but they're each 2 years apart. I don't know if I could handle twins either! Both babies (and your son too, what a cutie!) are absolutely darling :)

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  21. You know, I never wanted to have multiples...I KNEW I couldn't handle it! (: 2 of my boys are 10 months apart and that was enough for me!

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  24. I am now following you from the blog hop. Some of my friends say two is just like one but I don't buy it!


  25. I always thought twins would be great, but now that I have ONE I know it would be CRAZY!

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  27. Hi! Thanks for your sweet comment! Your baby is just so adorable!

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    Haha, my boyfriend keeps saying he wants twin boys whenever we start having kids...oh dear!

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    Really love the picture of your son as Woody! I am trying to find either Woody or Buzz for my son - he is a HUGE Toy Story fan! Problem is... he is 18-months and most costumes are too big and not his size! I have one week left.. really need to get him a costume! :D

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