Sunday, October 17, 2010

Any crafty mommas out there!? Big sales weekend!

Hey all you crafty mommies! I went out on a little shopping trip today to gather some supplies for my 2 businesses (Cake it to the Limit Cake Shop and Cootie Bowtootie) and boy are Micheals and JoAnn Fabrics on fire this week for sales!! Any one who uses fabrics for blankets, lovies, costumes or anything else should head on over to JoAnn Fabrics if you have one in your area. They have almost EVERY kind of fabric on sale. Fleece and flannels are all 60% off so a whole yard is under $2.50! All the other fabrics are between 30-50% off. They also inluded 2 50% of any regular priced item in their flyer this week!
Micheals has a 40% off coupon and all their yarn (for those knitting and crocheting mommies) is on sale!
They also have ribbon (for bow or lovies or any other craft) 2/$5 or 40% off holiday ribbon!

So head on over and check out your local craft stores, it seems to be a great day for sales!

And as always...Happy Blogging :)


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  3. Sure thing, I'll get over to both of your blogs to follow them and check them out soon :)