Saturday, October 23, 2010

Flip diaper review

How many of you mommies have heard of Flip diapers before? My guess is not too many, since I constantly have people asking me what the heck they are, well guess no longer! I am here to tell you all about them and how wonderful they are!
Flip diapers are a product of Cotton Babies who also makes Bumgenius ( a product you probably have heard of) and Econobums (very very cost efficient cloth diapers). Flip is a OS cover with 3 inserts to match your preferances and needs.
The Flip system can be used with an Organic insert, a stay-dry insert or a disposable insert so it makes it great for at home or on the go. Flip comes in several different colors including shades of green, orange, yellow, pink and blue and can be bought singly or in packs. Pictured below is 1 of their covers in Grasshopper green, 1 pack of disposable inserts, 1 disposable insert laid out, one stay-dry insert laid out and a stack of extra inserts:

The greatest feature in my opinion is that these can fit newborn to potty trained! I was a little sceptical at first about them fitting my almost 3 year old who weighs in at 33lbs so even though he is mainly in pull ups or underwear I tried it on him and they fit fine! They fit my 6 month old too! My son is on the largest snap down setting but waist wise he still has a good 3-4 inches to grow in them! My daughter is on the smallest snap down setting and the second waist setting so she too has a long way to go before outgrowing them and I sure hope she is potty trained by then!
Going from 'sposies to cloth was a little intimidating but theres not goofing around with these diapers, they are so easy to use and I haven't had any trouble getting the baby changed quickly, I even took them on a trip with us yesterday and had no problems whatsoever! You just tuck the insert and go:
I've been using these for 3 days now and have only had 1 leak and I'm pretty sure (as much as I hate to admit it) that it was my fault for not changing her soon enough. Typically we change every 2-3 hours and this has not changed with the switch to cloth, these will hold a lot of fluid! I tried out one disposable liner when we first got them to see if those would pass the test too and they did! 
So these certainly pass my mommy test. They are versatile, well made, practical, cheaper than other cloth that I've seen and super super cute!

( I was not compensated in ANY way for this review, the opinions expressed are solely my own and not influenced by anyone else)


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